After all the ridiculous talk (or PR stunts) of drones delivering Amazon parcels and Dominoes Pizza’s (technically possible YES, viable anytime soon with Air Law and safety NO), it was great to see a UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) being employed at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Although they were apparently being used as the cameras on wires failed, at least they are getting some coverage!

Never has there been a better tool to shoot Winter sports and EFFECTIVELY use a drone as a legitimate filming tool. Much more intimate and closer to the action than a helicopter, and far more versatile, cheaper and longer than any tracking rails and dollys. 

From the rig seen in the shots, it is fairly small small and lightweight – so the assumption is there are no big cameras with live feed. However, these aerial shots racing down the slopes of World class snowboarders will provide the viewer with a new and exciting way of viewing the sport (when they eventually air). 

As these aerial vehicles or drones get smaller, more reliable, cheaper and pilots are trained, qualified, insured and experienced we will be seeing drones in many other sport’s events too.

We wait with baited breathe to see if they will be using drones to provide aerial filming in the Ski-jumping. Now that will be interesting! 

Skyvantage on location in Switzerland for snowboarding shoot In October 2013


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